Giveaway winner for NDIS-approved Dragon Pro

Congratulations to Mariyana Jozic, the winner of our Dragon Pro for Mac voice recognition software competition. The software solution, which has just gained provider approval from the NDIS, allows those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, low vision, multiple sclerosis, and mobility or dexterity impediments turn thoughts into written words simply by speaking, focusing on the content of documents rather than on typing and spelling. Dragon removes the frustration of having to type and spell because it only requires users to speak for the words to appear on the screen.

The software also assists those who cannot use their hands because it is a hands-free solution. Whether people are suffering from carpal tunnel, arthritis, wrist tendonitis or other mobility issues, it can create reports, correspondence, and spreadsheets through voice, without using a keyboard or a mouse. Just by speaking, users can create and send emails, surf the web, and control popular desktop and web applications.

“Nuance has long been committed to helping those with disability improve their quality of life through the use of assistive technology,” business manager, Derek Austin said. “Ideally, the NDIS will bring greater diversity and competition to the sector, but most importantly, it will let people with disability exercise choice and control over the tools they wish to use to support their needs and hopefully, improve their lives,” he said. Nuance has just released a dedicated Dragon solution for the PC and Mac called Dragon Accessibility.

Jozic, who has had multiple sclerosis for 21 years, was working in web design but had to stop because MS started affecting her right hand, leaving her only able to type with two fingers. “Currently typing is very slow and arduous so I am limited to the amount of time I can spend training,” she told F2L. “Winning the software will give me the opportunity to learn web coding to help with my design business.  I have seen people using the Dragon Pro and wished I had one. When I saw the competition in the F2L newsletter I just had to enter, never believing I could win.”  She described her challenges as mobility, fatigue and use of her right hand for anything that requires dexterity.

Nuance has set up a dedicated assistive section on its website. For more information visit:


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